Crystal Quartz Geode
Crystal Quartz Geode

Crystal Quartz Geode

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Size: 1.14lb, Approx 6"

Clear Quartz is Used For:

Increases patience and perseverance

Increases Energy

Improved thought and clarity

Enhances awareness

Improves perception

Clear Quartz Meditation:

Transparent quartz crystals serve as filters and amplifiers in clear quartz meditation, in keeping with clear quartz crystal meaning. Clear quartz filters out and removes distraction for a good start to the meditative state. Clear quartz crystals amplify meditative intent, facilitating one's ability to bring intent to fruition.

How To Use Clear Quartz:

  • Program the clear quartz crystals properly prior to clear quartz meditation. Hold the clear quartz crystal while bringing yourself into a positive state of mind. Repeat a positive thought over and over again that you would like to have amplified and sent back during meditation. This is a very important process as clear quartz crystals programed with negativity will amplify that negativity, directing it back at you.
  • Hold the clear quartz crystal while meditating.
  • Use clear quartz crystals in a grid.
  • Place a clear quartz obelisk on a meditation altar.

Clear Quartz Zodiac Sign:

There is no official clear quartz zodiac sign gemstone. However, clear quartz crystal powers are known to provide some special clear quartz benefits to people born under certain signs.

  • Clear quartz are especially useful for reducing stubbornness in people born under the zodiac sign Capricorn.
  • Clear quartz crystals are special power boosters for people born under the zodiac sign Leo.
  • Transparent quartz stones are very helpful for people born under the zodiac sign Gemini when they are striving to be more tolerant of others.

Clear Quartz Chakra

Clear quartz stone benefits are extremely helpful in clear quartz chakra. The prismatic clear quartz crystals vibrate to impart energy at all color frequencies. Clear quartz chakra imparts harmony through all chakras, in keeping with clear quartz meaning. The use of clear quartz crystals facilitates the harmonious vibrations in all seven chakra centers at the same time while holding precise alignment with the light.

Transparent quartz is especially attuned to the Crown Chakra which is found on the crown or top of the head. The Crown Chakra is the gateway chakra for harmonious connection the universe. The way people think and interact with others is controlled at the Crown Chakra. Spirituality emanates from the Crown Chakra. A balanced Crown Chakra will have positive effects on the balance of energy throughout the entire body, in keeping with clear quartz stone meaning. Clear quartz Chakra work improves the ability to handle life's setbacks in a healthy manner with the understanding that they play an important role in our lives.

How to use clear quartz:

  • Lay out a clear quartz grid for meditation.
  • Place a clear quartz crystal on your head over the Crown Chakra while meditating in a sitting position.
  • Use a clear quartz crystal wand.

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